The Closet Moderate: Re-runs

Saturday, October 15, 2011


In lieu of writing new posts, let's revisit the old ones and see if they're still good ideas.  Two years ago, I wrote a post calling for using stimulus funds to build a second capital city instead of throwing it away on more welfare.

Is this still a good idea?  Would this spending be better than the stimulus spending of 2009-2010?

*looks the country up and down*

Yup, that shit didn't work.  The stimulus is so unpopular that the administration refuses to use the word anymore.  Down the memory hole!  Would my idea have been better?  Meh.  We'd still be in recession.  But there would be a cool place for political types to hang out in the summer.  Maybe those Occupy Wall Street kids would be camping out there.  I call it a win.

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