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Saturday, October 15, 2011

OTBNW: Noodles Hahn

The Old-Timey Baseball Name of the Week this week --

--what? Yes, this blog still exists. --

--belongs to Frank George "Noodles" Hahn of the Cincinnati Reds.  Ol' Noodles was a turn-of-the-century pitcher who finished his career with 130 wins.  Because pitchers pitched constantly in those days, he did this in just eight years.  Hahn's biography at SABR will explain his life story better than I could, but here's a few salient facts.  Hey was considered one of the best lefties of his day and had four 20-win seasons.  Probably would've pitched longer, but an injury to his arm in 1905 did him in.

The source of his nickname is unknown.

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