The Closet Moderate: Nanny-Statism We Can Believe In

Monday, December 06, 2010

Nanny-Statism We Can Believe In

The Denver Post Reports:
Schaetzle and a number of his similarly shocked patrons pointed out that both waistlines and blood-alcohol levels could suffer as a result of banning low-alcohol — read, low-calorie — beers from taverns and restaurants.

The Celtic could carry another stout—Guinness teeters right at the cutoff point between the low- and high-alcohol label—but Schaetzle won't be happy about giving up a brew he feels is more authentically Irish.

"It's ridiculous," he said, grabbing for a bottle of wine under the bar. "I don't understand why the nanny state would (ban beers) when the other stuff is three, four and five times more alcohol by volume. It's going to hurt a lot of places."
Bars that sell bottles of 3.2 beer are an offense to all creatures great and small.

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