The Closet Moderate: It's His Job

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's His Job

How sad is it that it's considered newsworthy when the nation's chief law enforcement officer says that he'll enforce and defend the law? Of course the Attorney General says that the Feds will enforce federal statutes regardless of what the hippies in California decide on Prop 19. And of course DOJ will appeal the decision overturning DADT. It's his job. Its immaterial whether or not he agrees with pot smoking or hot sex. He has to defend the government's position just like your defense attorney has to defend your guilty ass.

Now, he can make decisions about how DOJ uses its limited resources. I'm willing to bet that DEA agents are not amassing around all California dispensaries waiting to pounce. And I'd also bet that DOJ's attorneys are putting together a very limited defense of DADT. But that's not what the 5 year olds we have in media are reporting about to our 4 year old public. Probably because it's too hard to understand since it lacks a distinct dichotomy between good and evil.

So remember Mr. Holder, you're either with us or against us. Good luck with that.

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