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Monday, August 16, 2010


Ok, I'm going to wade into this morass because I have had it up to here with the so-called Ground-Zero Mosque debate. There are a lot of reasons for me to hate this. Obviously, the ridiculous bigotry and hypocrisy should top the list. You want to restrict the religious freedom of people to build near Ground Zero, a place where people attacked us because they don't like our views on religious freedom (among other things)? Really? Also, I should hate the fact that you are trying to thwart the foundation of a place whose major point is to promote religious tolerance. I mean, this is just dumb. I should also be pissed off that the point of all of this is election-year fear-mongering.

But no, none of those are the reason I hate this debate so much.


As a New Yorker, the idea that everyone from candidates for governor in Missouri to radio hosts in Wyoming (making this up) is weighing in on this just pisses me off. Seriously, this is private land in a place you do not live and have probably never seen. You have nothing useful to say, so shut the fuck up. I invite these people to take out a map and try to find the number of establishments closer to the world trade center than 47 Park Place. Indeed, Masjid Manhattan (a currently operation mosque) is a 6 minute walk from Ground Zero, and 51Park is a 5 minute walk. If you want to drive however, the "ground zero mosque" is further, because of how the one-way streets work. But you wouldn't know anything about one-way streets or how to get around in New York because you don't fucking live here. We'll decide where we put our mosques. Thanks.

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Statler said...

Or, as this random black dude who was harassed by Park51 protesters b/c he had the temerity to wear what I think is a Kangol fitted cap in their presence said:

“All y’all dumb motherfuckers don’t even know my opinion on shit."