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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

En garde!

We hear a lot about gun control nowadays. It always makes me wonder: if there were no guns, wouldn't some crazy bastard go around killing people with a sword? Now, from Indianapolis, we have the answer: swords indeed do kill people.

This story (h/t Deadspin) tells us of just such a murder, albeit of the drunken, accidental sort. Will people find drunken ways to kill each other even in a police state with no right to bear arms? Or is the proliferation of guns (and swords) such a force multiplier that banning them would be worth the deprivation of liberty? It's worth noting that when the original Bill of Rights (England, 1689) allowed people (Protestant people, anyway) the right to bear arms, they were as likely to carry a sword as a gun.

Another interesting question: is the dead guy in this story the last man in America named Adolf? Based on those dates, he was born in 1944 (other stories give his age as 69 in 2009, making his birthdate 1940 or so. Adolf has never been popular in America, but Adolph was among the top 1000 names until the 1970s. Strange.

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