The Closet Moderate: Openness v. Progress

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Openness v. Progress

When President Obama campaigned for a more open government, it was one of the few things I agreed with him about (to be fair, McCain said a lot of the same things). But as this health-care "summit" approached, it occurred to me that having it on television was the worst possible idea. It's unlikely anything would have been accomplished anyway, given that Obama already released his proposal and the Republicans are determined to start over completely. Still, any value the meeting might have had is negated by the cameras. Now, instead of speaking to each other, they'll just talk to their own supporters and accomplish nothing.

I don't know if there are any smoke-filled rooms still allowed in Washington, but that's the only place from which an actual compromise might emerge.


Rob Scot said...

Let's here it for the smoke-filled rooms! I agree that some issues (actually MANY issues) which our government is expected to tackle cannot be solved when all of society is watching. The devil is in the details, and if we allow every "critical mind" sitting at home in front of his computer (like me) to dissect every proposed solution to every problem, we will never accomplish anything.

Josephus said...

Politicians in my opinion pay too much attention to the opinion polls that effect them. They should be doing what's best for the people as they see it and explain to the people they represent why they are going to take a course of action that may not be popular.

Corey said...

They are going for the appearance of openness, while still sorting things out in smoked filled rooms. Bill and Hillary tried the lets keep everything behind closed doors approach in 92. Public freaked out about the secrecy and nothing got done.