The Closet Moderate: In praise of the Olympics

Sunday, February 21, 2010

In praise of the Olympics

This blog does not only represent those from the left and the right, but also those from the sports-watching world and those from without. While I may pin down a middling-left political stance, I can say with honor that I am the far end of the sports-ignoring spectrum, with the possible exception of Waldorf.

And, in light of this, I wish to praise the Olympics.


You see, every four years, we all have to put up with commentators, and now bloggards, saying "Every four years we have to learn about how curling works and pretend to care and then go back to our regular lives". And what's more, they say this as if it is a bad thing. Let me explain.

For a sports geek, I can only assume that the idea of learning about the mechanics of a sport only to see the last few minutes of the most-upper echelon of competition expertly over-narrated by the great Bob Costas is somehow sacrilegious. Where are the years learning about the subtleties of the Detroit Tigers bench? Where is the blood and sweat, discussing managerial decisions by FC Porto? While I realize this is the true fan's way to appreciate sport, it is not the only way. Those of us from outside the sporting zealotry actually enjoy ignoring the minutia of the game until only the best of the best remain. Like real sports fans, we too are annoyed by the over-hyping of the Apolo Ohnos and Lindsey Vonns of the year, but when we know just enough about a sport to understand when something exciting has happened, and who to root for, it makes for a few enjoyable evenings of television. I love that these obscure folks pop into my life for a few weeks every few years and I get to make them into makeshift, temporary heroes.
So here's to curling, luge, super-G and the rest: I'll be so excited to think about you again in 2014.


Statler said...

Apparently, everybody loves curling these days. A friend of mine said that it was "like chess," which briefly made me so angry on Waldorf's behalf that I may have imperiled my paycheck as a result.

Silent Cal said...

Yeah, I think it's great that I can enjoy hockey for a few weeks every four years, then go right back to hating it.