The Closet Moderate: Advertising Disaster

Monday, December 07, 2009

Advertising Disaster

Tim Fernholz's article about the AfPak escalation reminded me of a soda I used to drink when I was a lad. Commercial below:

Wanna tour the planet? Grab a 20 oz. Surge (SUUUUURGE!) Play "Surge Around the World" and you and your buds can win four days with a fully-loaded jet to go to Athens, Rome, Tokyo, or almost anywhere you like!
That advertisement could be a recruiting ad if you just fuck around with the numbers and listed destinations. Now, depending on how shameless you think the board at Coca-Cola Inc. is, they're either thankful that they didn't have to deal with the PR nightmare or sad that they missed out on all the free marketing. Either way, it was a soda ahead of its time.

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