The Closet Moderate: Fuck Joe Lieberman 2: This Time, For Real

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fuck Joe Lieberman 2: This Time, For Real

In the wake of Joe Lieberman's latest knives-out-in-the-Senate moment, I'd like to take a moment to link to a classic Statler rant from late '08, "Fuck Joe Lieberman."

If you haven't heard, Joe, ably voiced by the insurance lobby in this episode, said today that he'd join a GOP filibuster on the healthcare bill if it included any sort of public option. In other words, Joe, in search of political relevance, has combined his two previous feats (McCain-related betrayal of Democratic Party, putting his finger in Harry Reid's eye) into a single showstopper.

Tim Fernholz at TAPPED has a great take on Joe's Judas moment, entitled "At Least Pretend To Know What You're Talking About, Lieberman."

On the more applicable life-lesson front, I'll just say that when you let schmucks push you around, they keep pushing you around. Half of Reid's constituents think he's weak, and 84% of his base favors a public option. Now might be the time to grow a pair and let 'em drop, Harry.

Plus, nobody likes getting pushed around by Joe Lieberman. Seriously, fuck that guy.

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Silent Cal said...

There's never been party-line regimentation in the Senate and there never will be. The same people bitching that Lieberman split with his party are bitching that Snowe won't split with hers. There may have to be compromise, just like in every Senate since 1789.