The Closet Moderate: 2008 Election endorsement

Monday, November 03, 2008

2008 Election endorsement

In these troubled times, with political partisans raising the level of rancor to ever-higher levels, it is difficult for a group as diverse as the bloggards of The Closet Moderate to agree on a candidate whom we all endorse. The state, federal, and local races all offer a variety of candidates that at least one of us, for whatever reason, despises.

All except one, that is.

In the race for Montana House of Representatives (District 15), the bloggards of The Closet Moderate wholeheartedly endorse the candidacy of Frosty Calf Boss Ribs, a Democrat from Heart Butte, Montana. Mrs. Calf Boss Ribs, a long-time resident of the Heart Butte area, and a mother of four, promises to balance budgets and keep tuition down at state colleges. But what's more important is that she has the most bad-ass name of any representative in the history of this grand republic. So, if any of you live in the Glacier County area, The Closet Moderate implores you to cast your ballot for Frosty Calf Boss Ribs.

Mrs. Calf Boss Ribs is running unopposed.

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Kate Horowitz said...

You left out the crucial element--the emotional and spiritual backing she has received from her uncle, Gordon Comes at Night.