The Closet Moderate: Sports?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm not sure we're even planning to blog on sports, but I wanted to express the sentiments espoused at length in this blog: Fire Tony Kornheiser. That blog hasn't been updated in a while, but hopefully it will be.

Another blog seems to hate the whole Monday Night Football franchise. I wouldn't go that far -- I love Jaworski -- but three men in the booth is just too damn much chatter. I tried to listen to the local broadcast on radio, but the radio is about four seconds ahead of the HDTV broadcast, which means you hear the result of many plays before you see the snap. So, I sucked it up and contented myself with swearing at the TV.
On a related note, do any of you tech-savvy internets-readers know how I can tape a radio broadcast and replay it four or five seconds later?


Herodotus said...
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Herodotus said...

Do you have one of them there DVRs all the kids are talking about these days? They are the bee's knee.

I recorded the game and didn't even turn it on until 10pm. I know there is something great about watching a game in the excitement of real-time, but I got to fast forward through commercials, the halftime show, and the inane chatter that takes place during huddles. The announcers were such blathering idiots, even my wife hated on them...and she loves The View.

Silent Cal said...

I have the DVR, but I need to slow the radio down, not the TV. Merle Reese and Mike Quick are about four seconds ahead of the TV broadcast.

Herodotus said...

Yeah, it would suck to hear about the Matt Blatt Splat of the Game, before you can see the Matt Blatt Splat of the Game.

Fake Steve Hawking said...

Buy a very, very large amplification system and attach it to your radio. Place your radio approximately 1 mile away from your television. Voila: Your 5-second delay.

General Szod said...

Try listening to the radio feed via the internet, if available. They tend to have a delay.